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International cancer control congresses: Do they get us closer to the goals of population–based cancer control?

Readily available data documents the growing burden of cancer and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) for all nations.1 This burden is unequally distributed according to prevailing resources,2 human development,3 geography,1-3 and capacity and preparedness to respond, with the largest burden in areas with the least available resources and capacity.

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Building Capacity for Cancer Treatment in Low-Income Countries with Particular Reference to East Africa

Cancer rates are presently increasing in low-income countries such as East Africa and are highly likely to continue to do so. If this ever-increasing burden is to be controlled, it will be particularly important to address the need for cancer specialists, and to plan for efficient and widely accessible cancer services.

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Building capacity for cancer control in the lesser-resourced world – factors influencing success, value and satisfaction

Building capacity for improved health care and cancer control in lesser-resourced countries is necessary and urgent. While acknowledging that vital contributions can be made in disaster relief, opportunities for cooperation and collaboration to build system capacity in settings of chronic insufficiencies are highlighted.

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