Global Health Dynamics works with strategic global partners to provide information and influence for the global health community. Through the medium of online and hard copy publications, roundtables and virtual gatherings, Global Health Dynamics brings together policymakers, healthcare professionals, NGOs and the private sector to collaborate on key healthcare issues such as cancer and antimicrobial resistance, to share knowledge and examine how practical improvements can be advanced at the highest levels.

Global Health Dynamics works across all sectors:

  •  Intergovernmental: World Health Organization, UNCTAD, OIE, EU bodies, Francophonie
  • Governmental: working for the Portuguese Ministry of Health and the UK Government’s standards body, BSI, as well as individual health ministries across the world
  • International NGOs: International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research;  World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance; International Hospital Federation; Global Forum for Health Research; UICC: IAEA and others
  • Major private sector companies such as Novo Nordisk, the Methodist International chain of US hospitals and Sanofi


This platform is built around the annual publication Cancer Control which is published by Global Health Dynamics in association with the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR).

Global Health Dynamics has also partnered with the International Cancer Control Congress Association to produce a supplement to Cancer Control 2014 reporting their fifth conference in Lima, Peru in November 2013 hosted by the Peruvian Government.