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Global cancer policy-making

12 Building capacity for cancer control in the resourced world – factors influencing success, and  satisfaction Simon B Sutcliffe and Leigh J Passman

18 Sponsored feature: Towards a global approach for access to oncology care: Sanofi Oncolgy

21 Building affordable cancer care in low- and middle-income countries Julia Fan Li and Richard Sullivan

24 Sponsored feature: Issues in access to cancer medications in low- and middle-income countries John Hopskins Medicine

27 Overcoming challenges in conducting clinical trials in Africa Melissa Adde and Ian Magrath

34 Sponsored feature: AstraZeneca: Advancing the science and medicine of treating cancer AstraZeneca

36 Context-relevant guidelines in cancer care: Breast cancer early detection, diagnosis and treatment in low- and middle-income countries Benjamin O Anderson

Risk factors

44 Nutritional challenges facing low-income countries: World Cancer Research Fund Global Network and cancer prevention Prescilla S Perera, Jo Jewell and Martin J Wiseman

50 Sponsored feature: IASLC: Developing lung cancer health care initiatives in emerging health systems International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer

54 The Framework Convention Alliance campaigns for 2013 Yvona Tous


56 Cancer registration in emerging health systems: The INCTR Cancer Registry Programme Maxwell Parkin

60 The CONCORD programme:  Why we need global surveillance of cancer survival Michel P Coleman  

Early detection

68 Early detection of cancer in primary care in less-developed countries Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, Kunnambath Ramadas and You-Lin Qiao

73 Sponsored feature: The power of technology and knowledge Agfa HealthCare

75 Managing lymphomas in African settings: Improving diagnostic accuracy and carrying out research projects Giulia De Falco, Emily A Rogena, Kikkeri Naresh, Martine Raphael, Ian Magrath and Lorenzo Leoncini


85 Challenges of making radiotherapy accessible in developing countries Massoud Samiei

95 Sponsored feature: The UNIQUE™ system – Varian adds RapidArc® and image guidance to low energy treatment platform for radiation therapy in international cancer clinics Varian Medical Systems

Palliative care

98 Palliative care and access to medications for pain treatment Clare Morris

Paediatric cancers

104 Curing paediatric cancer in the developing world Tim Eden

108 Paediatric oncology in Ethiopia: an inctr USA and Georgetown University hospital twinning initiative with Tikur Anbessa Specialized General Hospital Aziza Shad, Julia Challinor and Mary Louise Cohen

113 World Child Cancer: The first five years and beyond Liz Burns and Tim Eden

116 The development of pediatric oncology in the Philippines Julius A Lecciones

Regional initiatives

120 The challenge of cancer in Africa Belmira Rodrigues

122 Sponsored feature: Twelve years of KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) funded head and neck cancer care and research in Indonesia KWF

124 Cancer prevention and control in India: A perspective from the Cancer Institute (WIA)  V Shanta, R Swaminathan and R Rama

130 The mission and plans of Sociedad Latinoamericana  y del Caribe de Oncología Médica Eduardo Cazap

133 Sponsored feature: The Swiss Cancer League supports projects in developing countries Swiss Cancer League

135 The challenges of providing access to cancer care: Jordan, a Success Story from the heart of the Developing World HRH Princess Dina Mired

138 The role of the South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology Ahmed Elzawawy, Hussein Khaled, Sherif Omar, Munir Kinay, Atef Badran and Aly Abdel Razek


142 The growing burden of cancer and the role of NGOs Nathan Gray, and Ann M McMikel

146 Sponsored feature: Equitable access to chemotherapy, supportive care drugs and pharmaceutical care: A challenge for low- and middle-income countries International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP)

147 ASCO and the Conquer Cancer Foundation: A global oncology community sharing knowledge to improve patient carDoug Pyle and Nancy Daly

Knowledge management

152 Ignorance is not strength: The need for a global evidence  base for cancer control in developing countries Mark Lodge

155 The Cochrane Collaboration,  its mission and the value of systematic reviews David Tovey, Harriet MacLehose and Mike Clarke

160 The future of cancer information and dissemination in developing countries Susi Burke and Gordon McVie

163 Open Educational Resources For Cancer: four Years of  Progress 2008–2012 Lawrence S Lessin

International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research

168 About INCTR

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173 INCTR branches and offices

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