07 Introduction Ian Magrath and Tim Probart 

08 Cancer Control 2016 Survey: What will the 2015-2030 SDGs mean for cancer?

12 Interview with Professor Richard Sullivan 

Global initiatives

18 Recommendations for cancer control from Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition Hellen Gelband, Susan Horton, Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan and Prabhat Jha PDF

24 Sponsored feature: Success in fighting the toughest cancers demands innovation Amgen

26 Making ethical rules for the doctor-patient relationship Bebe Loff PDF

29 World Child Cancer: Supporting partnership models in paediatric oncology   Liz Burns, Tim Eden and Jon Rosser PDF

34 Sponsored feature: First French masterclass: Palliative care and pain management in French speaking and Mediterranean Africa The Universite Numerique Francophone Modiale

Women’s cancers

38 Defining a place to start – The potential of women’s cancers Sanchia Aranda and Saunthari Somasundaram PDF

44 Promising options for cervical cancer prevention in low-resource settings Scott Wittet, Joanna Cain, Ambassador Sally Cowal, David Fleming, Catherine Guinard, Jose Jeronimo and Debbie Saslow PDF

50 Improving breast cancer outcomes in Asia CH Yip PDF

Disease-specific cancers

58 Lung cancer in rural China  Ya-Guang Fan, Yong Jiang and Youlin Qiao PDF

65 Is stopping Schistosoma Haematobium-associated bladder cancer a feasible goal? Monica C Botelho and Joachim Richter PDF


72 Building the investment case for cancer care with a focus on radiotherapy Rebecca Morton Doherty and Julie Torode PDF

76 Cancer radiotherapy in Ghana Verna Vanderpuye and Naa Adorkor Aryeetey PDF


Regional initiatives

82 The burden of cancer in Cuba and current strategies for cancer control Tersea de la C Romero-Perez, Yaima Galán Alvarez and Rolando Camacho Rodríguez PDF

88 Development of palliative care in Kazakhstan: Important milestones and major challenges Dilyara Kaidarova and Gulnara Kunirova PDF

93 Addressing obesity as a risk factor for cancer in South Africa: Size does matter Melissa Wallace and Megan Pentz-Kluyts PDF

99 Cancer Control in Vietnam: Where are we now? Tran Van Thuan, Pham Tuan Anh, Dao Van Tu and Tran Thi Thanh Huong PDF



106 About INCTR PDF

110 INCTR Branches and Governing Council

111 Partner institutions in developing countries

112 Partners and Acknowledgements