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OERC–India inaugurated at the Indian Cancer Congress In New Dehli

In November 2013, more than 5,000 Indian oncologists, oncology nurses, social workers and other cancer caregivers convened for a four-day congress in New Delhi, India, that was focused on the assessment and enhancement of cancer care in India and the education of health care professionals. This article outlines the findings of that meeting and the role that OERC–India can play in advancing oncology learning in India.

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Cancer Screening And Prevention In China

Due to the increasing burden of cancer in China, the Chinese government launched a series of projects on cancer screening and prevention. Cervical and breast cancer screening are the most successful ones which cover a large number of rural women all over China. Screening has increased the detection of early cancer cases which could be treated more effectively. New technologies and highly efficient strategies are essential for expanding the current screening programmes to the whole population at risk.

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